Get your crew together, send some epic dives, and join the Død Alliance with your event! Døds Alliance connects grass root enthusiasts to professionals and organizers worldwide to help grow the sport and open people’s eyes to the fascinating world of dødsing.

Døds Alliance is all about the fun, spontaneity, and epicness of dødsing. Approved events can use the label “Døds Alliance Event.” Apart from some general rules in terms of safety, you’re free to organize your event however you like, and we urge you to be creative with the spot and competition format.

Døds Federation will help promote the event and provide general advice on judging, safety, and competition formats.

We keep a close eye on all Døds Alliance events and will consider the best ones to become full-fledged Døds World Tour events co-hosted by the Døds Federation.

Submit your application to join the Døds Alliance below.