Are you an experienced death diver and want to compete against the best døds divers in the world at the Døds World Championship 2024 in Oslo, Norway, on August 17th? The Døds Federation is giving out one wild card to the winner of our digital Døds competition!


Here's how to enter the competition:

  1. Register your details and accept the competition terms in the form below
  2. Get someone to film your epic døds dive from 10-13 meters (33 - 42.6 ft)
  3. Post it on Instagram between February 1st and July 1st, tag @dodsdivingleague, and use #DodsWildCard #DodsWorldChampionship #DearToDive.


Our head judge, former world champion Emil Lybekk, will review all entries and pick the lucky winner before July 15th. The Døds Federation will cover flight and hotel in Oslo.

We will choose one monthly winner from February through June. Each monthly winner will receive a package with Døds Wear merch. One of the five monthly winners will be awarded the wild card and a paid trip to Oslo, including accommodation.

This competition is for experienced døds divers who have already mastered many jumps from the height of 10 meters. Jumps with gaps or higher than 13 meters will not be considered. Remember, you are always in charge of your safety. Make sure to study the IDF safety rules before dødsing.

Winners will be announced on Instagram (@dodsfederation) and will be contacted directly by email.