Døds is the original Norwegian style of Death Diving administered, produced, and promoted by the International Døds Federation through its Døds Diving World Tour, Døds Diving World Championship, and other proprietary events. The Døds Diving World Tour is the official league that serves as a qualifier for the Døds Diving World Championship. The Døds Diving World Championship is the pinnacle event of the sport of death diving. It has taken place in Oslo, Norway, every year since it debuted in 2008 as the first official death diving competition on the global stage. Under its Døds trademarks, the International Døds Federation produces everything from events, media productions, merchandise, and training courses at Døds Academy. International Døds Federation, headquartered in Oslo, Norway, is a fully commercial organization that works to build the sport and the death diving community internationally.

Døds is a form of extreme freestyle diving from heights jumping with stretched arms and belly first, landing in a cannonball or a shrimp position. There are two disciplines in death diving: Classic and Freestyle. In the Classic event, competitors are to fly horizontally with their arms and legs extended until they hit the water, with no rotations Competitors curl into a fetal position just before entering the water, landing first with their feet and hands or knees and elbows to avoid serious injury; dives are judged on speed, air time, complexity, how long the diver holds the original pose, the closing and the splash. In freestyle, the competitors do various tricks during air travel, including rotations and flips, hence the name.

The current world record in height is 31.3 meters and is held by three competing athletes: Ken Stornes (No), Tore Våge (No), and Côme Girardot (Fr). Among the women, the record is 24.8 meters and is set by Norwegian Asbjørg Nesje.

"Døds Diving" has roots as a distinctive style of diving at Frognerbadet ("the Frogner Baths") pool complex since the 1970s, where youths from the different districts of Oslo competed in performing the most spectacular stunts from the 10-meter. Døds is said to have been started in the summer of 1972 and was pioneered by Erling Bruno Hovden, then guitar player in Raga Rockers.

Each year since its launch in 2012, the Bruno Award is awarded to the best classic døds or for an extraordinary performance or achievement to honor his memory.

Since 2008, the Døds Diving World Championship (Norwegian: VM i Døds) has been held at Frognerbadet annually. In recent years the event has outgrown its birthplace and moved to various spots along the Oslo harbor, with over 6000 spectators gathering to watch their death diving heroes. The events have been broadcast nationally (TV2, TV2 Sport, Viasat) and internationally (ESPN).

Døds Diving World Championship winners (Men)
2008 Christian Kjellmann
2009 Fredrik Amundsen
2010 Vladimir Jevtic
2011 Thord Samuelsen
2012 Henning Marthinsen
2013 Filip Julius Devor
2014 Filip Julius Devor
2015 Filip Julius Devor
2016 Truls Torp
2017 Truls Torp
2018 Emil Lybekk
2019 Kim André Knutsen
2020 Emil Lybekk
2021 Kim-Andre Knutsen
2022 Leo Landrø
2023 Truls Torp

Bruno Award winners
2012 Jeppe Skageng
2013 Per Kristen Andenæs
2014 Morten Falteng
2015 Simon B. Aaland
2016 Simon B. Aaland
2017 Håkon Høyem
2018 Petter Andresen
2019 Leo Landrø
2020 Filip Julius Devor
2021 Aleksander Frostad
2022 Asbjørg Nesje
2023 Jørgen Borgly

Døds Diving World Championship winners (Women)
2018 Miriam Hamberg
2019 Miriam Hamberg
2020 Ingrid Eriksen Bru
2021 Asbjørg Nesje
2022 Asbjørg Nesje
2023 Asbjørg Nesje